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  • Your professional for vacuum packaging technology
  • State-of-the-art packaging technology 
  • We will help you to find the right one for you vacuum packing machine
  • We are over 100% carbon neutral
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Our range of machines

Table machines

Space-saving high-tech devices,
small, strong and fast.
offer highest performance,
simply practical, easy
in handling
and durable.

Standing machines

State-of-the-art packaging technology, with high-performance
pumps, with many
additional extras and
mobile on wheels.

Doublechamber machines

Extra large products
pack, with a lid
automatic fitted to still
to work more productively.

optional equipment
  • Operating and control unit in LC and LS versions
  • Flat or dome lid (K)
  • Chamber extension - particularly suitable for hunters (game and poultry drumsticks)
  • Alternative voltage as desired (230 V or 400 V)
  • Standard weld, double or cut wire
  • chamber extension
Vacumit container/fumigation

Stainless steel GN containers specially designed for bagless vacuuming – environmentally friendly!

The original VacuMIT stainless steel containers are perfect for the catering industry. You can easily vacuum pressure-sensitive and liquid food. Ideal for all dishes, whether raw or cooked.

  • Bagless vacuuming
  • Avoidance of film waste
  • Packaging without pressure points
  • Pack in the chamber
  • Packaging with a Green-Vac adapter (outside the chamber)
  • Hygienic
  • Long reusable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely stable
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Temperature use up to 60 °
  • extension of shelf life
  • Available in different sizes

We let the air out for you!

sealed edge/sous vide
Only the best for your products!


Our quality bags are produced exclusively in Germany and have the highest certification according to the BRC Global Standard for food safety.

Unsere Vakuumierbeutel haben eine hohe Durchstoßfestigkeit. Wir bieten eine Qualitätsstärke von 70 bis zu 200 mµ (extrastarke Beutel) an. Alle Siegelrandbeutel sind luftundurchlässig, für Tiefkühltruhe und Kühlschrank geeignet, lebensmittelecht, geschmacks- und geruchsneutral.


Patent vacuum detection

With our vacuum packaging machines, e.g. B. VacuFox, VacTiger, VacNanny II and all LC models, the vacuum is determined using a patented method.

High quality performance pumps

Climate-friendly with VacuMIT

We are 100% carbon neutral


All-round support

We accompany you personally from your inquiry to commissioning and beyond.

quality standards

Quality is a basic attitude, a lived work and is the top priority in VacuMIT's values

innovative solutions
since 1983

has been taking part in technological developments with its customers for many years and converts requirements into innovative solutions.

We accompany you personally from your inquiry to commissioning and beyond.

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