Thanks to low-temperature cooking (approx. 54°), no valuable liquid escapes and the natural aroma is concentrated. All vitamins and nutrients are fully contained, and only a little, if any, salt needs to be used. Meat becomes super tender and fish stays juicy. Vegetables are cooked just as gently in the VacuMIT vacuum bag. This cooking process takes much longer and requires a very good oven or water bath with a constant temperature.

Vacuum bag for the Sous-Vide VacuMIT offers kitchens in different sizes.

Of course, the high-quality standard vacuum bags (70 my) from VacuMIT are food-safe, tasteless and odorless and suitable for use in the microwave and are therefore suitable for households and businesses.

Please be sure to comply with all applicable hygiene regulations.


Did you know that the VacuMIT vacuum packaging machine can be used to marinate in just a few minutes?

Super quick and easy:

Fill the marinade into a VacuMIT vacuum bag or vacuum container and then place the fish or meat completely covered with the marinade in the bag. Then vacuum as usual with the VacuMIT packaging machine. Due to the high negative pressure, the pores open and the marinade is absorbed into the product within seconds.

Marinate dishes quickly, cleanly and easily with VacuMIT!

  • Shorter maturation time
  • quality improvement
  • Less weight loss
  • Longer shelf life
  • Possibility to buy and store larger quantities at a favorable offer
  • Better control of the packaged goods by number of pieces.


Tipps & Tricks from our decades of experience:

  • The durability of fruits and certain vegetables, such as bananas, apples or potatoes, is extended by vacuum packaging if these are peeled before vacuuming.
  • Salads, herbs and vegetables stay fresh and crisp longer in the VacuMIT containers. Quality, freshness, nutrients, appearance and taste are retained.
  • Offers of meat and food can be better utilized
  • Conveniently cook meals in bigger amounts and keep them fresh for days in the fridge.
  • Frozen food is prepared by vacuuming freezer burn protected.
  • With the mason jarsn simply and quickly close under vacuum and pack in an environmentally friendly way! 
  • In just a few minutes you can cook meat, fish and poultry with the side-sealed bags marinate. Due to the negative pressure, the marinade is strongly absorbed within a few minutes. A roast or tasty grilled meat can be marinated in this way within a short time and enhances the intense taste of spiced dishes and incidentally avoids weight loss.
  • We offer one inclined insert for packaging liquids (sauces, soups and also juices). Watch the vacuuming process of liquids through the visible lid. Liquids foam up and can overflow the edge of the container. Interrupt the vacuuming process with the stop button.
  • All stainless steel container Vacuum lids are extremely robust and suitable for deep-freezing, storage in the refrigerator and for the freezer.
  • Clothes can be packed to save space and protect against moisture when travelling, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking by removing air. 
  • Waterproof packaged for the outdoor area
  • Batteries, matches, first aid kits, clothing can be packed waterproof in a few seconds for outdoor use.
  • Pack already opened cans and container contents, such as lacquers, paints, creams optimally and thus the extend shelf life.
  • Silver cutlery does not start
  • Sterile packaging of medical instruments.
  • Waste to protect against odors and animals.
  • Patented vacuum determination: With our vacuum packaging machines, e.g. B. VacuFox, VacTiger, VacNanny II and all LC models, the desired vacuum determined.
  • Vacuum tool before rust protection.
  • Simply place an already opened paint can in a sealed edge bag and vacuum - and the paint is out of it dry out protected.
  • In industry and trade, VacuMIT vacuum packaging machines are used to pack metal components, electronic items and other metal and non-metal materials.
  • These items are permanently protected from moisture, surface damage, dust and dirt in an almost airless environment.

Disposal of old devices – Instructions for disposal of VacuMIT vacuum packaging machines

Owners of old devices must collect them separately from unsorted municipal waste. The packaging machines must therefore not be disposed of as unsorted waste and, in particular, do not belong in household waste. Rather, these old devices should be collected separately and disposed of via the local collection and return systems.

We would be happy to dispose of your disused devices for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Processing & hygiene tips:

If you follow the instructions below, your product will remain fresh and durable for longer:


1. Only vacuum fresh products to avoid a higher germ content.

2. Avoid breaking the cold chain during transportation and processing.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly before processing and packaging. Latex gloves or boards are recommended for placing the goods in the bag.

4. Before filling, turn the bag inside out a little so that the welding edge stays clean.

5. Always vacuum pack food when it is chilled (at around 0 to +3°C).

6. Use a clean stone or stainless steel countertop as these are very easy to clean.

If you have any further questions about vacuum packaging, the VacuMIT team will be happy to help you: Tel.: +49 (0)9471 950 660.

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